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Josh Sutton Coaching 5* Google Review

"Worth every penny"

The Life Coach who helps people feeling lost to rewrite the next chapter of their life that is filled with clarity confidence and peace

Personal Development and Life Coach

Transformation is possible

I used to sit worrying what my life was about, what direction it was heading in, and what difference I was making...

But now I have the tools and knowledge to know exactly what my life is about, what I want to achieve, and the impact I'm having on the world.

I used to set goals that I rarely achieved, feeling like a failure, frustrated that I could never seem to make progress.

But now I have strategies to set, work towards, and achieve goals that stretch and push me, so that I become better equipped and more skilled each day.

I used to lack the confidence to try new things, to speak to people with boldness, afraid of others' opinions of me. I chased that 'feeling' of confidence, but it always disappeared as soon as it arrived.

But now I live my life at peace, having the underlying mindset of confidence to tackle anything that comes my way, living free from insecurities and doubts.

How did I make this transformation?

Not with luck.

Not by thinking, "Once XYZ happens, I'll be ok."

Not by making excuses like, "I'm too busy," "I'm probably fine like I am, "Change is too much effort".


My transformation happened through:

 - 1000s of hours of self-education over a span of 15+ years

 - Lots of mistakes

 - Great mentors, teachers and coaches

You can go through this long, painful journey yourself.

Or you can work with me, where I'll guide you through this process in 6 months. 

Someone to teach you practical strategies to live your life with peace, clarity and confidence.

Someone to encourage you, motivate you, challenge you, and support you. 

It's time to start the new you. Send me a message.

Josh Sutton Coaching can help you

Client Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions...

What is Personal Development Coaching?

My coaching has one simple aim: To allow you to thrive, be the best version of yourself, and to maximise your potential. That’s pretty broad, but what success looks like for you, may be different to another. Whether it’s losing weight, having the confidence to speak to new people or try new things, regain a sense of purpose and getting excited about your life again, my coaching has had a huge impact on clients in a variety of different ways, and can help you too.

Who is this coaching for?

  • Someone who wants to improve their: 

    • Sense of identity and purpose

    • Ability to achieve their goals

    • Understanding of how to create positive habits

    • Ability to deal with negative emotions

    • Long-term confidence

  • Someone who is serious about improving their life, and is willing to invest both time and money to do so.

  • Someone who is fed up with life staying the same, and wants results quickly.

Who is this coaching not for?

  • Someone who is experiencing depression or is in the early stages of seeking help from a medical professional - please continue to utilise this help whilst you are feeling this way - coaching will always be there for you afterwards!

  • Someone who is not serious or willing to put in the effort, money and time into improving outcomes in their lives. 

How Does it Work?

The programme runs for 6 months - nobody changes from a couple of sessions, and I am serious in my commitment to seeing you grow.


I meet with you (virtually) on a weekly basis for around 45 minutes.


The programme is a blend of focusing specifically on your wants and needs, and my experience and research around specific topics that I believe will best support your growth.

What’s been the experience of previous clients?

Changing your mindset can have a huge impact on your life, but what it looks like in reality will be dependent on you!


One of my clients went from not exercising in 6 years, to running 3 times per week, starting a running club at work, and losing over 3 stone.


Another worked through her identity and values with me, quit her job, and now runs a business from a beach in Turkey.


Another client developed the confidence to have more bold conversations at home and in the workplace -


What could a renewed mindset do for you?


Do check out the reviews for more client testimonials!

How much does it cost?

Two questions I want to ask you before I answer this one:


What would you pay to instantly have a life that was filled with confidence, where you had achieved all the goals you had set, where you lived in peace and free from insecurity? 


Secondly, what is it going to cost you to continue to live your life the way you are now? What will it cost you financially, emotionally, mentally, in your relationships, in your workplace, if your life continues on your current trajectory?

My guess is that the answers to both of these questions are significantly more than the cost of working with me!

Please contact me and I'll be happy to discuss the programme overview, including costs.

"If you are seeking a life coach who will empower you to overcome obstacles, achieve your goals, and unlock your true potential, I wholeheartedly recommend working with Josh."

Who is Josh Sutton?

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Leeds United fan



Having spent 7 years in the banking industry, and over 10 years in the education industry, I found my unique calling in helping others to grow, thrive, and live to their potential.

Obsessed with human flourishing and all of the branches that flow from this, I have spent over 15 years in self development, learning about psychology, sociology, neuroscience, human anatomy, leadership.

I am ultimately a people person; I view each day as an opportunity to invest in other people, to see them grow and thrive, and have the privilege of being part of their journey.

He truly listened to me, understanding the core challenges I was facing, and helped me gain clarity... It has been transformative.


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