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The reality of building character

One of the painful realities in life is that the more character and resilience we develop, the easier life becomes and the more we’re able to tackle, but character and resilience are usually only developed duri

ng times of trial and difficulty.

Clearly we don't want to live a life of continual difficulty, but avoiding it altogether serves us poorly also.

Sure, many difficulties will come our way without us asking, but where can we push ourselves a little bit, challenge ourselves to achieve something that requires work and effort, so that when the difficult times do roll round, we’re that little bit more prepared to deal with them.

Trying to lead the easy life may sound attractive, but leaves us ill-equipped to deal with the difficulties that will eventually and inevitably come our way.

When difficulties come our way, persevere; you never know the positive impact it may be having on your ability to deal with difficulties in teh future.

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