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Perspective is a fascinating concept.

Why is one person's pittance another's fortune?

One person's achievement another's failure?

How can something that brings such joy to one, not even register as happening to another?

Often, it comes down to perspective.

We may have been told before that we need to 'get some perspective', like we can go online and order some more.

Like we can just sit there and conjure some up from deep within us.

If I've learnt anything about perspective however, it's this: perspective is usually gained through discomfort.

Work through something difficult. Deliberately place yourself out of your comfort zone. This broadens your perspective on whether something is 'difficult' or 'stressful'.

Keep doing this, and over time you'll discover that things that used to trigger you or cause a lot of stress, you'll take in your stride.

Perspective doesn't develop on its own. You have the power to put yourself in situations that change your perspective.

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