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Guide on the side, not sage on the stage.

I have lots of quotes on a visualisation board at home, one of my favourites being, ‘Guide on the side, not sage on the stage’.

It’s certainly a motto I try to live by when teaching, but also an approach that I try to take into lots of situations in life.

How can we use our confidence to build those up around us?

And when we do so, do we try to bring things back to ourselves to justify what we’ve done, or do we allow those we’ve invested in to take the spotlight and the credit?

A mark of true confidence is that we are just as comfortable being in the background watching others take the credit for our efforts as we are in the spotlight taking the accolades.

This is different to avoiding the spotlight because we want to avoid the attention.

This is knowing that we could benefit, but choose instead to let others be lifted up and take the credit instead.

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