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Good cheating… Encouraging others

There are ways some great cheats to gaining a quick burst of confidence, and offering an encouragement to somebody is right up there with the best.

Try genuinely encouraging someone, with no other reason than to compliment them or build them up. See how you feel!

I think encouraging others boosts our confidence because we put ourselves in a position of authority, in that our words have had a positive impact on other people and build them up.

It also breaks down barriers and removes any kind of unspoken competition between people - it’s hard to feel threatened by someone who’s just encouraged you!

You might feel embarrassed to give someone a compliment - don’t! Don’t worry about their reaction, just pat yourself on the back that you spread a little kindness, and don’t fret about what happens after that.

It makes you both feel great, improves your likeability, and if you get into the habit of it, will really boost your long-term confidence.

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