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Back-end vs Front-end Confidence

Backend vs fr… What?

Let me explain.

We know that backing ourselves to do a task well will hugely increase the chances of just that happening, of performing well. We also know that confident people are much more likely to back themselves heading into a situation.

This is ‘front-end’ confidence - the confidence that you take with you into a situation. The confidence that you witness in other people, and think, ‘I wish I was confident like them’.

But front-end confidence isn’t just something you can pick up from your local store when you’re running a but low.

It’s ultimately a skill that has to be nurtured over time.

It takes investment of time and energy into a whole range of areas, areas that other people most often don't see.

You wouldn’t expect to pick up a guitar and play it expertly off the bat would you?

It would take time and effort.

It’s the same with confidence.

It’s a long-term commitment.

But it’s worth every moment invested.

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