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Is There Such a Thing as a 'Social Introvert'?

Is there such a thing as a ‘social introvert’?

How about a 'solitary extrovert'?

The best explanation I’ve heard for introversion/extroversion is this:

An introvert turns up to a party with three bars of energy, and leaves with 0

An extrovert turns up to a party with 0 bars of energy, and leaves with 3

Nothing to do with how quiet, shy, bold, loud, reserved or outspoken you are.

Yet I came across two situations that got me thinking. 

The first was a family member.

She’s often exhausted after a day spent with people, and needs time alone to recharge. Yet she loves being with people, and significant time alone makes her feel anxious and lonely. She’s what I would call a ‘social introvert’.

The second situation was comparing my best friend to me. We’re both extroverts, yet he can't stand to be alone for more than half a day, whereas I quite enjoy time by myself, up to a point. I feel energised by social situations, yet need that time alone to reorganise my thoughts. I would call my friend a ‘social extrovert’, and myself a somewhat ‘solitary’ extrovert.

What’s the point to all this?

Understanding these terms can help explain how you operate, which means you know when you need to spend time with people, and when you need space for yourself. 

Learning how to effectively operate can bring a tremendous amount of peace, as you’ll understand your own mind, and won’t feel the frustration of feeling the need to be a ‘certain way’.

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